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Pinched Nerve

Pinched Nerve in Chamblee GA

Pinched Nerve Q & A

What is a pinched nerve?
A pinched nerve develops any time a nerve is compressed by structures in the body. It commonly occurs when vertebrae put pressure on nerves due to a herniated disc or a misaligned vertebra.

When the pinched nerve isn’t in your spine, overuse or repetitive-use injuries often cause the problem. In some cases, muscles may pinch the nerve. One example is piriformis syndrome, in which sciatica pain develops due to spasms in buttocks muscles.

What are the symptoms of a pinched nerve?
A pinched nerve can cause uncomfortable symptoms ranging from mild to severe, such as:

  • Localized pain at the site of the pinched nerve
  • Pain that travels along the nerve
  • Numbness and/or tingling
  • Muscle weakness

Will a pinched nerve get better on its own?
Pinched nerves seldom heal on their own because the underlying cause must be treated. If the pinched nerve is caused by a misaligned or herniated disc, it won’t heal until the spine is realigned and back in balance.

A pinched nerve that develops from repetitive or overuse issues won’t heal until you take steps to modify your activities. Dr. Donnelly can help with recommendations to improve ergonomics or work with you to develop a modified exercise program, if overuse comes from athletic activities. Even with changes in the way you perform daily activities, you may still need therapeutic treatment if the condition is chronic or severe.

The bottom line is this: It’s important to get a thorough evaluation for a pinched nerve so you can get proper treatment to prevent chronic pain, progressive problems such as weakness or immobility, and potentially irreversible nerve damage. Dr. Donnelly has the expertise to accurately diagnose the problem and develop an individualized treatment plan to help you heal.

How can chiropractic care help a pinched nerve?
After your examination, Dr. Donnelly knows the cause of your pinched nerve and whether you have any underlying conditions contributing to the problem. From there, treatment is tailored to meet your needs.

Gentle chiropractic adjustments realign bones in the spine, which relieves pressure on the nerve. This allows the nerve to heal, reduces inflammation and pain, and relieves other symptoms.

Therapy also focuses on manual techniques to relax muscle tension and alleviate muscle knots or trigger points. Chiropractic care takes your whole body into consideration, which is beneficial because pinched nerves have an impact throughout the body, not just at the spot where they’re compressed.

Pinched Nerve Specialist
No matter what symptoms you experience, it’s important to get a thorough evaluation by Dr. Patrick Donnelly at Think Chiropractic. To learn more about how chiropractic care can treat a pinched nerve, call the office in Chamblee, Georgia, or schedule an appointment online.


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